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Social Media Marketing - The way of the future

Whether you like it or not, and it is quite probably not, social media marketing should be an important part of your overall marketing campaign.


As I was once told - Think of it as helping people to buy as opposed to selling!


What is it? 

It is simply another way of getting people to your website. In fact using the techniques suggested below, you can encourage them to become regular visitors to your website.  Using social networking sites you can market your products at virtually no cost – just a bit of time and imagination.


You want people to 'like' your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your blog.



Facebook is a way for family and friends to communicate and is used by millions of people, many of whom spent at least an hour a day on it.  No longer is facebook just for youngsters – everybody does it! If someone chooses to like your page, they have easy access to it in the future from their own facebook account and you keep them constantly updated with your latest news.



Twitter is a bit different – In a way it is like a search engine. You can put in a search and it will bring up the very latest information.  If your guests/customers or other people choose to follow your business, you have the perfect way of keeping them informed. You are constantly reminding them that you are there!


The Blog

It is to the blog you add your news. It can be set up yo update twitter and your facebook page automatically.


You can also add extra pages as well, making it an extension of your site, which you can update yourself.  These extra pages  can be linked directly from your website..


You should add something interesting to your blog at least once a week.


For my holiday cottages I regularly tell everyone about any special offers I might have, special events, as well as providing information and photos of the lovely places in North Devon. 



There is a one-off cost of £90 plus VAT to set up The Blog on, Facebook Page and Twitter account. We will provide the URLs for you to link to your site.  For sites which are maintained by us we can put in the links for £10 plus VAT