Domain Names and Hosting

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Your Domain Name

A domain name is your website address.   It is set up to point to your hosting.


When choosing a domain it is a good idea to include a keyword or two within it 

- it definately helps with the search engines. 

eg  - an accommodation website on Dartmoor - a sign maker site - a website about holidays in Devon



It is the hosting which makes your website accessible to the World Wide Web.


It is normally a yearly charge and it is perfectly acceptable to change your hosting each year if you can find a better deal. It should not be necessary to transfer your domain name, although you will need to change the DNS to point it to the new hosting.


It is possible buy your domain name registration from one company, purchase hosting from another and have someone else write your site. Usually people buy hosting and name together.



If you prefer I will sort the name and hosting for you.


Domain Name Registration - 2 years - £16,, - £30


Hosting - Annual Charge

Standard Business Hosting - (suitable for most information websites) - £50 

Hosting a database driven website - £150

CMS Hosting - £115 


Small sites, if relavant, can be hosted on one of the following directories -,,   -  £20


All prices exclusive of VAT