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NB  I am not taking on any new website work at present. Since I had cancer I have cut my hours and am concentrating on our main business www.sign-maker.net. I do still take on some photographic work though.


Your Website

These days it is essential for your business to have a website.


It needs to be:-

  • be clear, concise and easy to use
  • load quickly but still retain quality in photographs or pictures
  • be found on the search engines


Domain Names and Hosting

These are essential.
Your domain name is your website address

It is a good idea to have keywords within your domain name.

The hosting makes your website accessible to the World Wide Web



A website is a very visual.

It is extremely important to use good photographs. HDR photography adds a real impact.


Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

This can sound very confusing but it is just about making your site friendly to the search engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.  Search engines see words - so its all about putting the right words - your keyword phrases - in the right places!  Linking is important too.


Social Media Marketing

Many people spend a lot of their leisure time sitting in front of a computer using social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook.  Whether you like them or hate them - they can be a very useful marketing tool when linked to your website.